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What you need to know about Stevia Seeds
Stevia seeds are unlike any other herb seeds, they are very tiny small and tricky to germinate.  You should always start with small amount in a small pot of soil and keep under florescent light for at least 10 - 12 days until sprouting. For more information on how to grow stevia from seeds click

Dark Clean Stevia Seeds: 


These seeds have been thoroughly cleaned from all impurities, including feathers and stems. While Clean stevia seeds seem to be significantly  expensive than raw seeds, it is actually very cost effective in terms of viability, germination and emerging. Lets also consider the labour and equipment costs involved in cleaning. The ratio of raw stevia seeds to clean stevia seeds is 1:5.  Every 5 kilos of raw stevia seeds make 1 kilo of clean dark seeds.  Germination and emerging rates could go up to 85% if properly planted.  1 kg of clean seeds would cover approximately 5-6 acres of land with stevia plantlets, but again it all depends on your experience with stevia seeds cultivation. There’s approximately 2.5 – 3 million seeds per Kilogram.  To Buy Clean Stevia Seeds Click Here

Cleaned stevia.jpg

​Raw Stevia Seeds:


​​These seeds come directly from the farm with feathery attachment still on. 1 gram is about 800 - 1000 seeds. Germination rate is 35 - 40%.


Seedling Emergence vs. Seeds Germination:


Seedling emergence is more important for growers than germination rates. Germination percentage is completely different than the actual number of healthy seedlings you will get by the time of transplanting.  One kg of clean seeds can usually cover 5-7 acres with stevia plantlets but all depends on your experience with stevia seed nurseries.

NOTE: Germination is affected by such factors as temperature, moisture content, light intensity and contamination of planting media. Multiplication of plants depends on proper implementation of package of practices, proper land preparation, weed & pest management, moisture in the soil, careful harvest etc. Need a consultant? ask for our stevia technical consultation services.

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