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Who is Ever Stevia Canada?


Ever Stevia Canada Inc. was founded in 2005 on the idea of building a company to improve our health and environmental surroundings.  We believe that Stevia is one of those healthy options and solution to the epidemic obesity due to the high level  of sugar in our food and beverages.  People should enjoy sweet foods without using sugar and artificial sweeteners that are damaging to their health. Our company aims to promote the use of Stevia as a naturally healthy sweetening agent that is organic and safe for everyone.

Small Business Owner

Our company is unique in that our Stevia products are made from one ingredient. That ingredient is Rebaudiana-A,  the purest component of stevia leaf which has the sweetest taste without bitterness or aftertaste.  Our Rebaudiana-A is 100% pure, we don't add any additives or preservatives.

What Else We Do?


Ever Stevia Canada Inc. has been involved in stevia cultivation, propagation and breeding in different countries. Through our contracted stevia agronomist we have successfully produced new stevia genotypes higher in both Rebaudiana A content and leaf yield. Our consultant has successfully done research work on propagated stevia through various methods including seed, stem cuttings, tissue culture, layering, root separation and root cuttings and grown stevia in different types of soil.

It is our honor to be part of the Cambodian Stevia Community as a seed/tech supplier as we successfully initiated the first stevia seed nursery in two open fields in Cambodia. We are currently working on potential projects in Netherlands, Greece, Egypt, Morocco, Sri Lanka and Macedonia.

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