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Stevia Commerical Cultivation Consultation

If you are considering a new business venture in stevia development and cultivation, you will find that it takes a considerable amount of time to research, analyze and recommend alternative courses of action. Planting stevia is very tricky process. With small fragile seeds like stevia you need more than just horticulturists. You need an agronomist specialized in stevia cultivation with extensive knowledge and experience in breeding techniques, protocols, propagating, cultivating and harvesting.  Using a consultant may save you time and money when making a decision.


We can connect you with one of the leading stevia development researcher who has been working on stevia cultivation, propagation and breeding in both academic and private sectors.  During the course of his work he has been successful in producing new stevia genotypes higher in both Reb A content and leaf yield.  Our recommended Agronomist earned a PhD degree in Agricultural Sciences in stevia propagation methods.  He has been a speaker at many conferences and special seminars worldwide.

​For your project, he will make a detailed search about your country climate, soil features, water availability and quality.  He will give you a better view about best stevia recommendations for your location.

His technical service compensation depends on your company needs whether you hire him as an employee (full time or part time) or as an independent consultant, and for how long.

​If you are interested in stevia commercial cultivation and you think you will benefit for our consultation services please send an email to  with your request for consultation outlining requirements, size and exact location of your farmland, your objectives, timelines and budget for the consultation services.

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