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Rebaudioside-M 95% Stevia

Rebaudioside-M 95% Stevia

PriceFrom C$83.80

Rebaudioside-M 95% is the Next Generation of stevia sweetener. This highly purified Rebaudioside-M 95% stevia extract powder has higher sweetness intensity, no bitterness, no liquorice, or aftertaste. It tastes almost identical to sugar. While Rebaudioside-A found in 5% of the stevia leaves, Rebaudioside-M found in only less than 0.1%.  That’s why Reb-M is significantly more expensive than Reb-A. To reduce cost, it can be blended with other stevia formula.  1 tsp = 4 cups of sugar

  • Product Handling

    This stevia powder is very fine. To avoide sweet dust use ladle or scooper. DO NOT POUR.

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